God placed mission work on my heart from an early age – even as a child I had this strange feeling of unity with orphaned, ill and oppressed children around the world whom I’d never even met. I spent the majority of my life with this burning desire to be […]

In My Heart by Lauren Casanova

Mission Renew taught me that happiness is found within the simplicity of life, which God perfectly created.    The most frequently asked question upon returning from Haiti was, “How was Mission Renew?” This is a simple question, which requires a complex answer. My response was always summarized with the most […]

Simply Beautiful by Shannon Kane

Whether it is in remote villages of Mexico or secluded communities deep in the jungles of Haiti, God always finds a way to make Himself present to deliver a powerful and relevant message.  If the saying “travel broadens the mind” is true, then mission work enriches the spirit. I know […]

Small Miracles by Jesse White

If I’ve learned anything from my trip, it’s that God is all-knowing. He has a plan, not only for others, but for me as well. This mission trip to La Vallée de Jacmel, Haiti was very special to me in many ways. Many people are not fortunate enough to even […]

Betsy Bellard’s Testimony

My experience in Haiti blessed me with so many memories that are to be cherished for a lifetime. I’ve never experienced a place with so much joy, happiness, and love as I did in La Valle de Jacmel. Although I was on a mission to help others, I learned a […]

A Reflection by Brianne Thibodeaux