About Us

Mission Renew is a non-profit organization with a focus on community outreach to the city of La Vallee De Jacmel, Haiti. Young adults from South Louisiana lead the organization and see to the planning of an annual mission trip to Haiti. Mission Renew has already completed four Haiti missions since 2014, which have included over 80 young adults. Our mission trips involve interaction with the local people, supporting the community through various activities, building fellowship within the group of missionaries, and cultivating a Catholic spirituality through the sacraments in a retreat-like experience.

A typical day during one of our mission trips includes daily Mass, outreach to the community during the morning and afternoon, then spiritual and fellowship activities during the evening. Our particular outreach activities in Haiti vary depending upon the current needs of the Haitian community. We rely on many local contacts and partners that we have established throughout the past years to plan, guide, and implement our activi10505050_10202403341224065_8130617750959097913_o (1)ties. Our main focus, however, is interaction with the youth of Haiti. Our primary goal through our community outreach is to bring joy and hope to the kids in the community through activities, day camps, soccer, games, and simply by spending time with them.

We encourage other young adults, not only from South Louisiana, but also from all around the country, to join us in our mission trips. Typically, our missionaries are in their later years of college, graduate school, or young professionals in their community. Even though we focus on Catholic spirituality, we are open to all denominations. We invite anyone who would like to join in next year’s mission trip to visit our Contact Us page and let us know that you are interested!

Lastly, we would like to thank our patrons & sponsors who donate and help fund our trips. Without these donations, Mission Renew simply could not exist. We continually ask for support from our Patrons, and from Corporations or Individuals that would like to donate to our cause, or provide a scholarship for a missionary to attend next year’s mission trip. These donations make it possible for us to positively impact the Haitian Community, and hopefully even change the lives of the kids we encounter. It also allows for an incredible and life-changing event for our missionaries. They come back transformed, passionate, and inspired to transform their own communities.