Mission Renew exists for two simple reasons:

  1. To reach out to the Haitian people, and through interaction and service, share our faith, hope, and love.

  2. To encourage our own growth by being open to the transformation that accompanies service through a cultural immersion program.

Mission Renew recognizes the important role of faith in Christ, and trust in the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit in the attainment of our goals. By having our days in Haiti centered on community prayer, personal reflection, devotion to the liturgy, and joy in fellowship, we invite the Holy Spirit into our daily service that He may bear fruit in the lives of the people we come in contact with, and in our own lives as well. In short, Mission Renew places all our reliance on Christ to bless our trip that we may achieve our namesake: to help renew Haiti and its people, and to experience renewal in ourselves.