Project Restore La Vallee


As Hurricane Matthew made its way through Haiti, it left everything in its path in a state of destruction. One particular community that felt this devastation is La Vallee de Jacmel. Having been to this community the last three years as a part of mission trips, we have developed very strong and lasting relationships with these people.  The individuals and families of this area are very resilient and self sufficient, and although they may not have much, they make the best of what they have available.



Farming is the way of life for many families in La Vallee and is the only source of income for many of them. They work by hand on the sides of mountains to plant their crops and tend to them daily in order to ensure that they can provide for their families. These families produce crops to pay for their needs, community projects, and most importantly, their childrens’ school tuition. As you can imagine, the torrential rain and flooding has destroyed nearly all of the crops in La Vallee, which means these families just lost all of their income for the year.

The money raised by this campaign will be directly received by the families of La Vallee de Jacmel. It will be distributed by trusted points of contact in La Vallee that we have established close relationships with throughout the years.

After being in contact with some of these people during and after the storm, they are very fortunate that many lives were spared, but they know the road to recovery is a long one. While they have never asked for money or supplies during this process, we know that they are in dire need of all that they can get and would be forever grateful. As one can see, this is a crucial turning point in this community’s rich history. We at Mission Renew know the importance of helping these people rebuild and return to their way of life by funding community projects, home restoration and getting these children back in school.  We hope that you can find in your heart a calling to donate to this cause. Not only will you be assisting those who need it now more than ever, but you will also be carrying out the Lord’s mission. Thanks and God Bless!






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