Project Restore La Vallée – Update from Alliance For Haiti

Thank you for feeding Haiti’s hungry children!

Thanks to you, these children will not starve.  Last week more than 11,500 meals were provided to the hungry children of La Vallée. The supply truck is returning to Jacmel to restock rice, beans, and cooking oil for the schools. While prices are rising as supplies shrink, the team in Haiti so far has successfully located suppliers in and around Jacmel. They then distribute the food from a central location in Ridore to the principals of each school.

The students are again in school and getting back to their routines. Some schools are struggling with extensive damage, and all schools lost critical supplies. But they are providing a hot meal, a warm community and a safe space for learning.

Food scarcity will be a continuing problem until crops can be replanted and harvested in the spring.  The team is consulting with the mayor and local leaders to assess critical needs and figure out the best way to restore gardens and food production.

It costs $2500 a week to feed 2300 students at 8 schools.



Students unloading the food truck and carrying bags of rice to school.

Information and pictures received for our communication with Alliance For Haiti.

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